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Three Energies Massage and Bodywork gets five-star ratings from Google, and Yelp!

blue flower
five star rating
A massage that saved countless lives!

I just had my first massage with Gina Abrescy, and whether or not she knows it, her incredible de-stressing of my mind and body probably saved countless lives in my office! Gina is a certified massage therapist - meaning she understands how the body works and how not to harm it in the process of healing (unlike a "spa masseuse" that just rubs the body without a clue about what works and why). Before laying a hand on me, Gina took the time to ask the right questions about both my physical health and state of mind, then adapted her skills to address my specific issues. I started my work day with a headache, feeling thick and sluggish, and generally run down despite healthy eating, drinking lots of water, getting rest - all the "right" things. By the time she was done with me - and that 60 minutes passed much too quickly! - I felt like a new person! The massage room was clean, warm and comfortable, and you can't get more convenient in South Beach than 2nd and Brannan. I can definitely see massage therapy with Gina Abrescy becoming a regular part of my overall wellness routine (and let's face it - it feels really, really good!).


five star rating
I am a physical therapist and Feldenkrais practitioner and love her Esalen trigger point style.

Gina Abrescy is the most fabulous massage therapist! I am a physical therapist and Feldenkrais practitioner and love her Esalen trigger point style. She is able to instantly see from how you move what you need and then goes about it in a very caring, direct way. Her treatment space on Brannan is lovely and she is the warmest, funniest, most delightful person I have met in a long time.

Holly B

five star rating
Not Your Everyday "Spa" Massage - Much Much Better!!!

3Energies Massage and Bodywork is the place to go for serious massage. Gina has done wonders for my recurring shoulder, arm, and neck pain. She also always includes relaxing Esalen massage along with the trigger point releases, so that when I leave I am both pain and stress free. The 3Energies office is very professional and the massage room is inviting and calming. I can always find nearby parking but bring quarters for the meters or better yet, go on Sundays when parking is free.


five star rating
Incredible Massage!

I have had massages before and while they left me relaxed, no one has ever addressed my neck and hip pain the way that Gina does. A massage at 3Energies feels like a cross between a relaxing spa massge and physical therapy. When I called to make the appointment, Gina spent time asking me about my pain before I even booked. At the appoinment, after I told her where I hurt, Gina was able to pinpoint the right areas of my body to "magically" make my pain vanish. Gina really knows her anatomy! Truthfully I was a bit sore afterwards, but by the next day, my body felt amazing. I was ready to book my next massage for the following week right then and there, but Gina told me to wait and call her instead because she thought I could wait two weeks - how's that for an honest business person?? I've been going to 3Energies for 3 or 4 months, now and I have found it easier to get ahold of Gina by calling her direct number (650.483.6169) to book appointments. Pros: Very Professional, I was able to get an appointment the next day, on time, lots of parking. Cons: Watch the parking meters if you go before 6pm

Holly B

five star rating
Best Massage Therapy EVER!!!!!

I was having a huge pain in my back, which had me for a month in bed and using all kind of pain killers, after a freind referred to Gina, I decided to try the massage therapy. I told Gina that my back had been hurting for 3 months in the same spot, and with confidence she actually has been the first person to make a permanent change in my pain, and give me a solution. The attention to detail was with genuine care and sincere wisdom for me as an individual, not just "another person with back pains"- she made me feel like my comfort was the most important thing in her life for the time that I was there, and it was so refreshing. I showed to her my exams from the physician and she took a good look at them, and explain to me what was wrong, something that the doctors didn't. I had returned to see her one more time and then she said now you are free to go, I'll see you in a month or so, and since that day I've been walking, and walking without a single problem o pain. She is amazing. Her knowledge of the muscle and skeletal structure is amazing, she was able to target specific muscles to release pain and provide a free pain zone. She also told me that I was going to be a little bit sore afterwards, but by the third day I was walking without pain and I could work for long hours at my desk. I totally forgot that I had a problem in my back. The place is nice, the service is great, the cost is more than reasonable. Plus she is super nice! I highly recommend Gina and this place. By the way she does an excellent follow up by email (which I loved it). Thank you Gina


five star rating
Gina is able to work deeply in the muscles, in a pain free manner without inflicting bruises

I recently experienced foot drop/paralysis related to pinching the Perineal nerve in my knee. I had a massage and acupressure done by a therapist (not Gina). Afterwards I still had the foot drop and also multiple bruises. I was then lucky enough to find Gina who magically released the tense muscles in my calf and increased the circulation in my lower leg allowing movement to begin to return to my paralyzed foot and ankle. Gina is able to work deeply in the muscles, in a pain free manner without inflicting bruises. My gait improved significantly with only one treatment session. I felt the session was so beneficial that I promptly requested a gift certificate for my boyfriend to have an old injury in his shoulder addressed. Gina has a lovely selection of gift certificates to choose from on line and she will add any personal message you desire. I was impressed with the Certificate and Gina's amazing calligraphy skills. My boyfriend was likewise impressed when he received it and is anxious to set up a massage appointment soon


five star rating
Gina is a consummate professional.

Her knowledge of the muscle and skeletal structure and deep love of her work combine to make her an exceptional therapist. Having injured myself in the gym, I visited Gina in hopes that she would be to ease my back pain. In short order, she was able to target specific muscles to release pain and provide a wider range of motion. Believe me -- this is not your typical "feel good" massage. This is real, therapeutic body work: it may be slightly uncomfortable, but it works and that's all that really matters


five star rating
Gina is absolutely amazing!

She blows every other massage therapist out of the water. This is not a fluffy, feel-good massage in a spa; it is a therapeutic treatment. Gina has incredible knowledge of the body. She can look at someone and determine where their pain is by their body position while just sitting or standing. She spends a lot of time finding out exactly what is going on in your body, what kind of pain it is, etc. so that she is able to provide the best treatment. She really knows her stuff

Jackie Z

five star rating
She takes the time to get to know you, what is troubling you, what hurts, how you feel at that moment, & what you hope to gain.

How do I convey, to you readers, that the experience you will have with Gina will be theabsolute best massage you will ever have in your entire life? Truly, where does one begin, as I try to convince you of my feelings? Let's see..... I have now seen Gina on three separate occasions- each one was a true blessing in disguise. First, she takes the time to get to know you, what is troubling you, what hurts, how you feel at that moment, & what you hope to gain. She takes this information and adds you to your laptop, so that in the future she can be fully prepared when you walk in the door to ask you what has changed since your last session. Second, she is the most knowledgeable and prepared masseuse that I've ever known. She understands that the entire human body is connected. If your shoulder has knots then it could be due to lower back problems. If it is issues with your kidneys, then it could be something in the foot. Look I'm not a doctor, but whatever ails you she'll find out, and cure it. I kid you not. For me, I've had a knot in my left shoulder for some 20 years. Many masseuses have done wonders to relieve much of the tightness. But no one was ever able to completely break it up. That is until my very first session with Gina. Boom! All gone. And if you have the time, I'd recommend the hour & a half session. You'll get the full gamete. A 90-minute adventure into complete bliss. And lastly, if that wasn't enough, her new location is so incredibly convenient to the SF Cal Train station; the room wonderful; peaceful music at ear level; a soft waterfall that greats you; a very comfortable table & headrest; and the sheet comes with a big blanket so that you are warm and toasty the whole session. If that doesn't convince you, then I do not know what will. Take my advise and call her today.

Michael B

five star rating
I’m not sure 5 stars is enough!!

I agree with Michael B. and most of the others completely and I also don't know how to convey howamazing Gina is!! So I guess all I can do is share my experience and how Gina changed my life. I initially injured by back while playing volleyball in college about 8 years ago. I've been to multiple doctors, phyisical therapists, chiropractors, etc., yet none were able to clearly identify the source of the problem. Instead, I was given the typical western medicine treatment plan of pain killers and muscle relaxers to get through each season (if any of you were collegiate athletes, I'm sure you know what thats like!), along with the basic PT therapy (stim, strech, ice, repeat) 5 days a week. Not surprisingly, until I met with Gina, the problem never went away and the pain would still come and go - sometimes to the point that I was unable to walk.A couple weeks before our wedding last year, my back was beginning to act up, so my wonderful husband did some research and came across Gina and 3 Energies Massage. Although I was skeptical, as I have been to many massage places in need of back pain relief, my husband convinced me to give it one last try. All I can say is I am SO thankful I did!!!Gina did a preliminary assessment of my full body to identify problem areas. Combined with the questions she asked about my initial injury/problems, she was able to identify the source of the initial injury and a treatment plan....and it WORKED! when I walked in that day, I was unable to touch my toes, unable to bend or twist to my left, and in a moderate to high amount of pain. But after Gina's massage therapy, all of that changed. The best part was that it was a long lasting fix. Its been almost 12 months since I visited Gina and I have been almost entirely pain free with full range of motion. It has been life changing - I had accepted that I would just be in pain the rest of my life, but thankfully Gina has changed that.You may ask why I'm writing this now... well besides being a procrastinator... I managed to pull something in my back two days ago during a workout and I now know that I don't have to live with back pain - so I'm visiting Gina for another session :)

Meghan H

five star rating
Amazing massage work!

Gina does an amazing trigger point massage that instantly relieves my aches and pains. Her treatment lasts a long time too. I also have numbness in my right hand from years of intense athletic sports but after my massage my hand felt great! She is amazing and has released a number of pinched nerves, tight muscles and has even rid me of my constant headaches. It's amazing because she really knows her anatomy and can tell me exactly what motion I did to injure my body, and she tells me what I need to do to fix it. She has great customer service with an extremely relaxing massage environment. Overall the best massage therapy with long lasting relief.