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Wellness all the way around

Often times when life gets hectic we humans respond by doing everything possible to make things happen all at once and tend to neglect our own bodies. Muscles become overtaxed then fatigue sets-in and the body begins to ache, and the next thing you know, doing anything that requires physical or mental energy is out of the question.

“Learn to bend, it's better than breaking.”
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What's going on in your body?

The more you can tell me about what’s happening the better off we can address the issues. My goal is to present you with the most effective techniques necessary to align your body, release stuck muscles and tissue.

My skillset is a “toolbox” of modalities that I contrive based on the injury(s) you bring with you. My background and learning is from various programs including Esalen, trigger-point release, Swedish, lymphatic drainage, sports, pregnancy and post-pregnancy care, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, sport stretching, neurovascular flossing, and neuromuscular reprogramming. However, you can still come in and request a full Esalen massage for the most relaxing session you will ever experience.

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What our clients say

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