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3 Energies Massage and Bodywork Philosophy

3 Energies Massage & Bodywork aims to offer customized therapeutic bodywork to meet the unique needs of the local community. Our approach involves sharing valuable insights and knowledge about your body to promote better awareness and support for your anatomical structure.

“Enhance life with therapeutic touch and awareness one massage at a time.”

My Story

I’ve been working in San Francisco in the SOMA neighborhood for the past 17 years as a deep tissue bodyworker since 2006, and at this specific location since 2008. “People come in because they want results from whatever ails them.” I have always loved how things work including energy, and anatomically and physiologically the body is one of my favorite bio-mechanical entities of study as each of us are different in our very own ways.

When I first went down this journey of massage my plan was to become a Rolfer and do structural integration work. However, when I was ready to attended these upper level classes, the Rolfing program was cancelled and training was only available in Colorado and I was not willing to travel there for my schooling. Instead, I did a majority of my learning in Palo Alto, at Body Therapy Center and Esalen Institute in Big Sur.

What I found is that massage people are a whole different vibe from your everyday workforce and I thought I just fell off the edge of the earth. Soon I learned and realized that we are all energy and energy has to move, and that trauma lives in our bodies and sets us into holding patterns which can immobilize you both physically and mentally and keep you from moving forward in life. So I took a deep breath, journeyed inward to make sure I was viewing things with heart and sensitivity, then remembered that I should always share good personal understanding and kindness with everyone I meet. Ahhh,…and I’ve been breathing deeply and moving fluidly ever since as I’ve become well grounded in who I am.

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Hi, I'm Gina Abrescy, CMT, Owner and Practitioner at 3 Energies Massage and Bodywork. I love working with my hands, learning about how things work, and especially the anatomy and physiology of the body and the mechanics of it all. And even though every body is different, we intrinsically know that we are at our greatest when we have a relaxed body.

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I have confident hands and a distinctive character that communicates clear intention of a respectful session. Through observation and with an ample understanding of human anatomy I work directly on hypertonic muscles using the necessary pace and skillful technique for an effective release to gain maximum results that relax the whole body.